We are proud to announce that we have been selected for COMPASSO D’ORO INTERNATIONAL AWARD 2015 ON FOOD AND NUTRITION


LAB.BRAINdesign – Valentina Downey and Patrizia Scarzella



The project for the promotion of biological champignon Hortoitalia OP financed by the Emilia Romagna Region and the European Union.


Communicate and enhance the features of Bio mushrooms through a promotional campaign and public information on the nutritional properties of the product.

With an experimental project, design and its methodology was brought for the first time in the agricultural production sector.

The communication strategy and promotion of FUNGO BIO was in fact conceived and designed by an innovative laboratory for the food industry: a laboratory for creative innovation LAB.BRAINdesign that uses design methods, and in particular the design research, which puts the person and not the market in the middle of the project, working with an international team of young designers.

LAB.BRAINdesign defined and designed:

  • corporate identity
  • all communication tools for the promotion and communication of biological champignon: from video clips to paper instruments for the promotion of the product and information, from the website to the app with recipes, until the events of promotion in BIO stores.

The innovative design process has been developed through the following steps:

First step:

An analysis of the main manufacturer, introducing the method of analysis of the design and conducting parallel research in the international arena as a general benchmark. For the company, which shared its experience and know-how with designers, this was an opportunity to spend time and space to define, analyse and deepen the values ​​of its corporate culture, the relationship with employees, manufacturing processes and product offerings.

Second step:

Based on this analysis, we have defined the guidelines for the communication strategy. Focus emerged to dispel the common stereotypes around the champignon mushroom (for example: it has no particular taste; ‘I don’t like it’; it is cheap; it is not natural; it is poisonous etc.), redefining values ​​and visual identity with positive concepts – as FUNGO BIO is a beautiful product, young, simple, smart, cool etc. – on which to lay the foundations for its wider introduction in the gastronomic world.

Third step:

Intensive workshop: Valentina Downey and Patrizia Scarzella led an international team of young designers in a week of intense work in the company. The communication strategy has led our team of international designers to design communication tools and plan events and promotion development.

Why an international team? To promote within company the exchange processes, enthusiasm and an open-minded attitude towards external stimuli and know-how, identification and decoding of innovation scenarios in the short / medium and long term.


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